Agraad Industry Manufacturer & Exporter High Quality Medical Instruments

we are constantly creating new products.

  • Agraad industry manufacturing single useable and the Reuseable Hospital Tools along with custom Designed Medical instruments to meet your specific requirements and branding needs.
  • We are manufactured in our premises are recognized as the highest quality instruments.
  • We believe that our dental instruments and products are the best.
  • Agraad industry Manufacturer all kind of (Medical Devices) instruments. Agraad Industry has primarily been involved in manufacturing of a wide
    range of Medical Devices, manicure and scissors of all sorts with the help of diligent workers under the supervision of highly technical supervisors.
    We ensure highest quality products. it is because of the resources at our disposal and the production processes we adhere to.


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Agraad Industry mission is the same today as it has always been “To Improve Lives By Advancing Medical Performance...Smile After Smile”